Merkel Makes Her Final Plea To Greece Before Sunday's Election

Germany Angela Merkel

Photo: AP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her final remarks on the Greek election this morning, telling members of her party that broken promises made by fellow Europeans will no longer work. “Promised, broken, nothing happens — things cannot under any circumstances continue this way in Europe,” Merkel said, according to the Associated Press.

She continued:

It cannot be the case — and this is also an issue now in connection with the Greek election — that what comes out in the end is that those who don’t keep to an agreement can, so to speak, lead everyone else through the arena by the nose ring … That won’t work.

That is why it is so important that, in the Greek election tomorrow … a result emerges in which those who form a government in future tell us, yes, we want to keep to the agreements.

Although Merkel did not refer to a particular party, her comments fly against the left-wing group Syriza, which has argued that austerity measures must be rolled back and new accords reached with lenders.

 Merkel ended telling members of her party that the EU must focus on lowering debts.

“Those who are not prepared to do that will see that it will then be very difficult to keep a common currency stable in the long term.”

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