Bombshell Revelation: Angela Merkel Threatened To Leave Eurozone


German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatened her country would leave the eurozone if a new pact to deal with troubled states was not agreed upon, according to The Guardian.

Her comments were made at a meeting in Brussels in October when she got into an argument with the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou.

Germany was in the midst of negotiating changes in eurozone rules to deal with bailouts, and its propositions were described as “undemocratic” by Papandreou.

She then said, according to The Guardian:

If this is the sort of club the euro is becoming, perhaps Germany should leave.

While the revelation is not surprising in terms of what Merkel or other German officials may have been privately thinking, it is surprising the German Chancellor would mention such a move so matter-of-factly in the context of a meeting with eurozone officials.

A German official has denied the threat is “plausible,” but not Merkel’s comments.

Read the full story at The Guardian >

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