Meredith Whitney: I Predicted The Bank Rally!

It must be tough out there for Meredith Whitney. She made a name for herself calling for the banks to tank, and then struck out on her own, looking to capitalise on her instant fame. But the market hasn’t been kind to Meredith since then, as the banks have rallied heavily.

But wait!

She was on CNBC this afternoon, strolling the floor of the exchange, and she told Maria that she actually predicted the rally. She says it’s gone further than she would’ve expected. And she says the banks are still screwed. But does anyone remember what she actually said? We don’t remember, and we follow her words pretty closely.

Specifically she says she always knew the selloff was over done and that the rally… “was something that even though I said it was going to happen, I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes.”

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