Meredith Vieira ‘Not Interested’ In Reading Brian Stelter’s ‘Today’ Show Book

meredith vieira matt lauer

Former “Today” show co-host Meredith Vieira will not be picking up a copy of New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter’s new book “Top of the Morning.”

Vieria, who co-anchored the NBC morning show next to Matt Lauer from 2006-2011, told the NY Post: “I’m not interested. I’m over it … I’ve kind of been-there-done-that, and I don’t know what the interest is.”

Vieira continued, “I don’t want to get on a high horse, because I understand why people write it. I’m not trying to say he’s wrong to do it, but I look at it and it’s so personal to me. It’s my friends.”

Despite recent bad press surrounding the “Today” show, Vieira is very clearly Team Lauer.

“Even if [NBC] blew it from a p.r. point of view, you’ve got to move on. I think what is happening to Matt is really wrong,” she added.

Vieira is even mentioned in the book, most notably when Stelter recently eavesdropped on her lunch with Matt Lauer.

As Stelter writes in “Top of the Morning”:

“Vieira urged Lauer to tough it out, promising that the bad press would subside. Dessert arrived at the table by 1 p.m., but they lingered until 1:40, bantering the way they used to on television. Lauer held the door for her as they walked outside, and she embraced him, rubbing his back reassuringly and saying in his ear, “It’ll be O. K.”