Meredith Vieira Tearfully Announces Departure On “Today” (VIDEO)

meredith vieira

Meredith Vieira addressed her upcoming departure from “Today” — she’s leaving in June — this morning in a tearful on-air goodbye to her co-hosts.

Vieira’s voice broke as she explained that she wants to spend more time with her husband, Richard, and her children.

As far as her next moves go, Vieira said “my hope is that I can stay in the NBC family.”

So between that and her genuine low-key leaving reasons, don’t expect a frenzy of speculation a la Katie Couric.

Matt Lauer told viewers that Ann Curry will step into Vieira’s role, while Natalie Morales will fill Curry’s.

“If I could choose, you would not go,” Curry said to Vieira.

Video below.