Mercedes Explains Why It Pulled Its Sexually Suggestive 'Service Song' Video From YouTube

Mercedes ad pulled sexual jingleYouTubeStill from the Mercedes-Benz ‘Service Song.’ Watch below.

Earlier this week, Mercedes-Benz posted and then almost immediately took down a videoin which a female singer croons lyrics from the point of view of a car to her “service” man.

(Watch video below.)

The video was widely mocked in the blogosphere.

Mercedes spokesperson Mareike Jahnle explained to Business Insider, “We were very dismayed to see how the ‘Mercedes-Benz service song’s video was perceived in some U.S. blogs. Therefore we immediately removed it from all websites we have control over. We regret that the video has caused concern and apologise for it. We certainly did not intend to offend anybody.”

Offending lyrics include:

I like them to be strong, that they can catch me when I skid/ Like them to turn me on, I thought that some of them did/But just as I needed a helping hand, so many men were ‘out of service,’ not like you … You only give your best, won’t stop until I smile.

The emphases are ours.

While it was panned online, Jahnle explained that song received glowing reviews internally.

She continued:

“The ‘Mercedes-Benz service song’ video is not an official Mercedes-Benz marketing ad nor is it an official brand video. It was produced by the Mercedes-Benz service unit as an internal film that tells the service story from a car’s point of view. The organisation received a lot of positive feedback internally and as a result, the video was posted online to the Mercedes-Benz TV channel.”

Although the spokesperson said it wasn’t intended to be an official ad, the 30-second version of the song, which has now been taken off of YouTube, was titled “Mercedes-Benz TV: Your Best.” Maybe there were commercial break dreams.

Even though the song has been removed from Mercedes’ YouTube account, a third party posted the extended version in all its glory. Watch below and let us know what you think:

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