Mercedes' new GLC crossover SUV is a mix of sportiness and technology

Mercedes GLCMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz GLC

Mercedes-Benz’s compact crossover SUV, the GLK, is set to be retired this year.

It will be replaced by a newer, sleeker crossover known as the GLC.

While the vision is the same for this new Geländewagen – German for “off-road vehicle” and the source of the GL designation – the new GLC is loaded with new technology for a truly connected driving experience.

“Our new GLC represents a further, systematic step in the implementation of our successful SUV philosophy,” said Thomas Weber, a member of Daimler AG’s management board, and responsible for Mercedes-Benz car development in a press release.

“It combines the ultimate in driving comfort with a sporty touch, impresses on the road and — more than ever — off it as well, and appeals to the eye with the new design and equipment line,” he added.

The luxury SUV segment is very hot right now. And very competitive. Mercedes has a lot riding on the GLC being a success.

Since 2009, Mercedes' luxury compact crossover SUV has been known as the GLK.

It's replacement is sleeker and shinier, to say the least. The 'C' designation joins it with Mercedes C-Class sedan lineup.

The traditional, truck-like off-road look has been replaced with a design that's a hybrid of sports car and SUV.

The aesthetics are subtle, yet powerful. The old GLK looked sturdy, but the GLC looks fast.

Don't worry, though, it can still handle some rugged terrain.

The interior is even more impressive than the exterior.

Classic Mercedes luxury is blended with a lot of new technology.

The technology isn't limited to the interior, either. The car is loaded with sensors.

Outside of the car, those sensors can monitor traffic and warn drivers of potential collisions with bikes or pedestrians.

The new GLC will compete in the market against other crossover SUV's, like the BMW X3 ...

... and the Audi Q5.

The Lincoln MKC is also a rival.

The exterior isn't strikingly different from the competition, so Mercedes is counting on features to set the vehicle apart.

Under the hood is a 2.0-litre inline 4-cylinder engine.

That small powerplant cranks out up to 273 horsepower.

The GLC was designed for versatility. It's supposed to look as comfortable in the country as the city.

The sleek design aids in aerodynamics, as demonstrated by wind-tunnel testing.

From the rear, the vehicle's stance is broad, muscular, and athletic. This is direction that crossovers are headed in, as they distinguish themselves from old-school SUVs.

Here both the GLC 300 and GLC 300 4MATIC are pictured side by side. The 4MATIC is the all-wheel-drive version.

The GLC will hit showrooms this fall. A price has yet to be set, but it's expected to be similar to the GLK.

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