Mercedes Has Found A Way For You To Never Touch A Car Radio Again

While most manufacturers were focusing their energies on all the new models in Detroit, some also maintained a presence at CES, where they were showing off the latest in car tech.

Mercedes went so far as to show off an innovative dashboard concept that is controlled entirely by gestures, which we saw on Autoblog.

With no physical buttons, the system recognises hand movement in order to input commands. Mercedes is calling it the “Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience,” or DICE for short.

In addition to recognising gestures, the system is ever changing. As part of a fully connected driving experience, DICE can pull in information regarding local businesses and nearby friends, while also providing the navigation and entertainment options that would be expected.

There are still a number of kinks to work out in the system. At this time, DICE cannot discern between a festure and a simple hand extension, meaning there could be a number of unintended inputs. Technology for this to become mainstream is also far off. Mercedes does not see DICE in cars for at least 20 years.

Take a look at Autoblog trying the system below (YouTube via Autoblog):

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