Mercedes will unveil its first electric SUV concept tomorrow -- here's what we know about it

The big reveal of Mercedes’ electric concept car will occur Thursday at the Paris Motor Show — and we’re getting excited.

Mercedes is planning to show off its first all-electric SUV concept, and it’s been teasing the reveal on Twitter. The German automaker showed a video of the SUV earlier this week, giving us a glimpse of some of its features, like using cameras in lieu of sideview mirrors.

The video is scant with details, but we did manage to glean what appears to be a black center console with an LED screen showing information like the temperature:

Daimler’s chief development officer Thomas Weber said in June that Mercedes will debut a prototype of an electric vehicle with a range of 310 miles at the Paris Motor Show. So we’re expecting the concept SUV to boast that killer range.

German magazine AutoBild reported in December 2015 that the concept car could be an electric version of its GLC crossover.

Mercedes Benz GLCMercedes-BenzThe Mercedes GLC crossover.

It seems the Paris Motor Show is turning into the spot for electric concept car reveals.

Volkswagen unveiled its I.D. electric concept car at the Paris Motor Show that has a range between 248 miles and 372 miles on a single charge. The German automaker is planning to release its production version of the car in 2020, with a fully autonomous version slated to arrive in 2025.

Competition is mounting in the electric car space. Tesla recently announced a battery upgrade that will increase the range of the Model S with Ludicrous mode to 315 miles, and the Model X with Ludicrous mode to 289 miles. The Chevy Bolt will have a range of 238 miles when it hits dealerships by the end of 2016.

Of course, what Mercedes reveals at the Paris Motor Show will be a concept, so we can’t really compare it to the likes of Chevy or Tesla. Still, it shows a growing interest of competing in the electric car space by building cars that can handle ranges nearing or exceeding 300 miles.

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