Take A Look Inside Mercedes-Benz's $108,000 Luxury SUV [PHOTOS]

mercedes gl550 parked

We recently spent some quality time with the Mercedes-Benz GL550, the top of the line SUV that starts at $86,900.

After some city driving, we took our $108,830 version of Motor Trend’s 2013 SUV of the Year on a road trip from New York to Washington, D.C.

In most cars, the five and a half hour drive would have been a pain. But it gave us the time to fully appreciate the many features that make the GL550 a true luxury car.

Go straight to our full review, or take a look at what makes the SUV special.

Up close, the GL550 is imposing.

It's not the sleekest car — but the interior is much more impressive.

Acceleration is great, thanks to the 4.6-liter V8 biturbo engine, which produces 429 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque.

Sensors and cameras around the car provide a 360-degree overhead view, which makes parallel parking the huge ride a breeze.

When the SUV senses an obstacle like another car or a pedestrian, an alarm sounds, and these lights in the dashboard turn on.

The biggest downside of the GL550 is that its 'infotainment' system is complicated to use. There are too many buttons.

Way too many.

After a few days, we pretty much got used to it, and figured out how to adjust our back support.

And stay relaxed on the road with a massage.

The navigation system is not intuitive to use, but it does give traffic conditions.

Like just about every new car, the SUV comes with satellite radio. Oddly, Howard Stern constitutes an entire category.

This is one of two 'lenses' — they're designed to improve the acoustics of the car's interior and make the Bang & Olufsen sound system even better.

The four-spoke steering wheel is not heated, but the wood grain is a pleasure to hold.

There's plenty of space to store everything you want to bring on a road trip, along with USB ports to play and charge iPods and phones.

The second row seats fold down automatically, with the push of a button.

Then it's easy to climb back to the third row.

Passengers in the second row have their own temperature, seat, and entertainment controls.

They each get their own screen to stay entertained during long drives.

But the third row gets nothing — a potential source of fights over what to watch and who sits where.

Now read our full review of the GL550.

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