This $1 million Mercedes is like an armoured private jet for the road

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is one of the most powerful, rugged, and luxurious off-roaders to ever hit the market.

For the vast majority of the G-Wagon’s clients, the battle-tested Benz is way more truck than they will ever need. However, for certain customers, there’s a need for extra layers of protection. That’s where the armoured-vehicle specialists at Inkas Group come into play.

For a cool million bucks, the Toronto-based firm will gladly build a customised, armoured limousine that will make even the most paranoid despot feel secure.

The 'standard' Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is insane. It's a 5,600-pound, military-grade off-roader that can reach 60 mph in 5.3 seconds.

Mercedes has even built a monstrous 6X6 version. But if you require a bit more heavy metal ...

... Inkas, the maker of this Huron armoured personnel carrier, can help you out.

The Inkas-modified G63 AMG limo is truly menacing. Finished in matte black, the stretch limo dares to be messed with.

Inkas' modifications extend much further than just looks. All surfaces on the SUV -- including windows -- have been armoured to provide protection from bullets of various calibers.

The vehicle floor is designed to withstand the detonation of a pair of fragmentation grenades.

To keep the G63 out of trouble, the limo is equipped with a slew of perimeter security cameras. Now that's enough protection to make any dictator green with envy.

Getaway power for the G63 comes courtesy of a hand-built, 5.5-liter biturbo V8 that pumps out 544 horsepower.

Though the Huron's interior is far from plush ...

... the G63 limo's cabin is pretty much palatial. It features vast quantities of fine leather and wood veneer, as expected for a car of this price point.

It is also equipped with a satellite TV system, refrigerator, a bar, and a speed-vault quick-access pistol holder.

All of the G63's luxury and security features can be controlled by its passengers through an integrated iPad Mini from the comfort of a pair captains chairs.

In case of emergency, the truck's indoor exhaust system can recirculate the air inside the vehicle in one minute to create a breathable atmosphere -- on demand.

Here's the latest special edition from Rolls-Royce ...

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