Mentos 'Pure Fresh' Gum Gets Dirty With These Sexy Ads

mentos adThis Mentos ad will appear in Maxim.

No, these ads are not a hoax.The Martin Agency rolled out a batch of unsavory ads for Mentos’ new Pure Fresh Gum.

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“We’re always trying to do something provocative for Mentos,” VP and Creative Director Mike Lear told Business Insider, explaining the ads, show gum covering nip-slips, butt cracks and other R-rated body parts.

The company told Martin that it wanted to create show-stopping spots to run in specific magazines (including Maxim, People, InTouch, Us Weekly, and Sports Illustrated) that made people forget about the mints for a minute and get excited about its new product.

“We got a copy of every magazine they wanted to run in and we realised that the content was already pretty exciting,” Lear said. “And then you had Maxim which is…Dear Lord!”

The derriere pic (above) will run exclusively in Maxim, blending right into the content.

“Even when we’re cheeky, there’s still an innocence to Mentos, though,” Lear said. “Like, don’t look at that; look at this gum!”

This creative comes after a consumer made ad remix that mashes up Breaking Bad with a classic Mentos spot.

Lear loved the fake ad, even though he isn’t a regular viewer, although he doesn’t think that Mentos will be expanding its products to the methamphetamine demographic.

“They’re willing to keep the confectionery business pure,” he said.

The ads play off what is found in the pages of the magazines.

This one, of course, is reserved for Maxim.

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