Mentally Ill Inmates Are Allegedly Stabbing Themselves With Chicken Bones And Throwing Their Feces


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The U.S. government blatantly ignores mentally ill prisoners at a Colorado prison, where they scream for hours on end, a new lawsuit claims.The U.S. Bureau of Prisons was hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming Monday its Supermax prison in Florence, Colo., houses a huge population of prisoners with untreated psychological disorders, lawyers for the inmates who are filing suit said in a press release.

That prison, known as ADX, exacerbates prisoners’ psychological disorders by keeping them in isolation, their attorney, Ed Aro, said in a statement, calling the facility a “national disgrace.”

“No one disputes that certain prisoners require a closely controlled prison environment,” Aro said. “But for people with mental illness, confinement with little or no mental health care in the isolated and brutal conditions at ADX is torment.”

As a result, the suit said, prisoners mutilate themselves with a variety of tools from sharpened chicken bones to razor blades to writing utensils, and they engage in “fits of screaming for hours on end.”

Others throw their own feces, creating a health hazard at the facility, the suit claims.

“Americans would not allow sick or wounded animals to be treated as these prisoners are treated,” said Philip Fornaci, another lawyer for the prisoners.

Guards at the ADX have previously been sued for allegedly torturing an inmate until he killed himself.

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