'The Mentalist' Actress Sues Warner Bros For Sexual Harassment

Photo: CBS

A background actress on CBS show “The Mentalist” is suing production company Warner Bros. Television and GEP Cencast, its casting agency, claiming her position was eliminated after she complained about being sexually harassed by a coworker, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The complaint, filed Friday by Shanelle Howard, alleges “causes of action for sex discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to take remedial action and retaliation,” according to THR.

The actress claims fellow employee Lonnie Moore, “subjected her to ‘a daily barrage of sexually based comments and unsuitable conduct’ while working on the show, including statements such as ‘I’m married but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun,’ ‘Are you wearing thongs today or nothing at all?’ and ‘It’s just sex; stop being so uptight and give me some.'”

Howard also claims she was physically harassed, as Moore would catch her off guard and “cop a feel.” 

She says began getting shunned by fellow employees and “was subjected to retaliatory and confrontational conduct.”

Howard, a GEP employee since 2001, says that she was working five days a week on the Simon Baker drama, but after reporting her treatment to supervisors, that dropped to two days, and eventually zero.

Warner Bros. TV declined to comment on the suit.

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