Men's Wearhouse Customers Are Furious About George Zimmer's Firing

george zimmer men's wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer won over Americans with his “you’re gonna like the way you look — I guarantee it” commercials. 

But Zimmer was abruptly fired as chairman last week for alleged differences with the company’s board. The ouster was seen as a risky move for Men’s Wearhouse, given Zimmer’s great reputation with consumers. 

It’s already becoming clear that customers aren’t happy about Zummer’s dismissal. 

The brand posted a picture of a suit on its Facebook page yesterday. It didn’t take long for dozens of Zimmer’s fans to respond by complaining about his firing and declaring they would boycott the brand until he’s reinstated. 

Some warned about the consequences of firing Zimmer: 

zimmer facebook

Others acknowledged that they liked the merchandise, but said it wasn’t enough to overcome his firing: 

zimmer facebook

One man vowed to crusade to bring Zimmer back: 

zimmer facebook

There were references to his commercials: 

zimmer facebook
zimmer facebook

This man got angry:

zimmer facebook

And this fan said he couldn’t be sure he’d like the way he looked: 

zimmer facebook

Men’s Wearhouse still has rights to video of Zimmer. Technically, they could still use him for commercials. 

But given their public flogging of the founder, it seems unlikely the board would sign off on that. 

The board should have handled Zimmer’s exit more carefully. By attacking a beloved public figure, Men’s Wearhouse alienated consumers. 

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