A new study says men take 4 minutes longer to respond to email than women

Woman on computerAP/Andre PennerAccording to Yahoo Labs, men take longer to respond to email and women are wordier.

The next time you’re waiting too long for someone’s email reply, a new study says you might want to consider their gender.

After scanning 16 billion emails by 2 million users, Yahoo Labs and the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences department found that men take longer to respond than women.

Aside from the median response time difference between men and women — men take 28 minutes while women take 24 minutes — emails sent by women had a median length of 30 words and those sent by men had a median length of 28 words.

The study also analysed email response time and length among young people and found that teens responded the fastest, within 13 minutes. Meanwhile, young adults take 16 minutes and older adults take up to 47 minutes to respond to an email.

Dovetailing off that, the study also found that older folks send longer replies with a median of 40 words, young adults use 31 words, and teens barely say anything at all, with a median of 17 words.

But all age groups responded faster to emails on Monday through Friday during work hours, and replies across the board were shorter when the email was sent later in the day or on the weekend.

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