Two men suspected of killing 7 people in an Alabama mass shooting were in 'Seven Deadly Sins' club with them, police say

  • Two men have been arrested on suspicion of killing seven people in a shooting on June 5, police in Morgan County, Alabama said Monday.
  • The killing took place in northern Alabama, but the two men were located in Oregon, Sheriff Ron Puckett said.
  • Police say that they believe the men knew their victims because they were in a club called “Seven Deadly Sins” together and were looking to “do away” with the club.
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Police in Morgan County, Alabama, responded to reports of gunfire at a house in northern Alabama on June 5. Officers reportedly found the house in flames and identified the bodies of seven victims who ranged in age from 17 to 45.

A little over two weeks later, authorities say they have tracked the two men who they believe carried out the mass shooting to a residence in Oregon, where they arrested them.

“The suspected killers knew their victims and we believe they were in a club together,” Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett said at a press conference Monday. “The club was called ‘the Seven Deadly Sins.'”

John Michael Legg, 19, from Danville, Alabama, and Frederic “Rick” Rogers, 22, from Hartselle, Alabama, were both arrested Sunday in Oregon and are awaiting extradition to their home state, Puckett said at the conference, adding that they will face capital murder charges.

At least three of the men and women shot dead earlier this month were members of the “Seven Deadly Sins” with their suspected killers, the sheriff said.

The victims in the shooting were identified by the sheriff’s office earlier this month as Tammy England Muzzey, 45; Emily Brooke Payne, 21; Roger Lee Jones Jr., 19; Jeramy Wade Roberts, 31; William Zane Hodgin, 18; and James Wayne Benford, 22. Police said they had also identified a 17-year-old female victim, but her name was not released.

Puckett said on Monday that they believe Legg and Rogers were looking to “do away” with the club.

“This is one of the ways they were going to wipe the slate clean, if you will,” he said.

The sheriff declined to comment further on the purpose of the club and said details will come out during the trial.

However, deputies told some reporters in attendence at the conference that the group was involved in “crimes of some sort, money of some sort, drugs of some sort,” Fox News reported.

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