Exotic Male Dancers Sue Gay Cruise Ship For Marooning Them In War Zone

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Photo: MovieclipsCOMINGSOON/YouTube

A group of attractive young men are claiming they were booted from a gay cruise after passengers became concerned they were shooting a porno movie on the ship.BAOL dba Del Ami, a Czech company specializing in gay erotic entertainment, and 11 employees sued RSVP Vacations and Holland America Line, claiming the cruise ship dumped the men in war-torn Tunisia after they caused a stir onboard, Courthouse News Service reported Wednesday.

In their lawsuit, the men claimed they were hired by the cruise line to mingle with passengers and in return were promised food and safe passage.

The cruise ship company wanted to keep the arrangement private, but rumours about the men’s presence on the ship began almost immediately after passengers saw photographers videoing and photographing the men on the ship, according to CNS.

“RSVP then had a change of heart,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit alleges the company forced the men off the ship at the first port of call, which happened to be Tunisia. At the time, the country was embroiled in the violent Arab Spring uprising.

The men were eventually able to obtain visas and go home.

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