How To Dress Appropriately For A Black Tie Event

tuxedo black tie suit

Photo: Statigram/mauaguirre02

The best way to be appropriately dressed when attending an event that stands for sheer grandeur is to follow a simple list of dos and don’ts.If you have a Black Tie affair around the corner, then keep in mind these essentials pointed out by couturier Archana Kochhar and outfitter Sarah Shaikh (Designer, SS Homme).

The Dos:

  • The appearance of ‘Black Tie’ on an invitation indicates unequivocally that the host expects tuxedos to be worn.
  • One must opt for the classic suit-tuxedo, white dress shirt, lapel, bow tie, and leather shoes—all of uncompromised quality, of course. A classic bandhgala (now appreciated worldwide) could also be an alternative for a distinct royal look.
  • Wearing a white shirt underneath is the standard. No other dress colour will complement your bow tie.
  • Keep the suit colour dark, preferably black, and add colour to your look by using accessories like cuff links and pocket squares. Make sure they’re all colour-coordinated, though.
  • If you’re not comfortable with a bow tie, a semi slim tie works well too. Just remember to keep it classic.
  • Accessories that always work: a watch, bow tie/tie, tie pins, cuff links, silk pocket square, and well-crafted leather shoes (oxfords or brogues).

The Don’ts

  • Such an event isn’t really open to much experimentation. It’s important to remember that wearing a black tie reflects the guest’s respect for the host and the event, so it’s usually better to stay biased to the side of more conservative rather than less.
  • Dress according to your body type and avoid oversized clothes.
  • A black tie event has no room for trial and error. Avoid any funky hair-dos and wacky belts, and keep it understated.
  • Don’t bathe yourself in extra cologne. Excess is a turn off. Go with a classic scent.
  • Bulky, bling watches do not blend well with a classic tuxedo. Pair appropriately.
  • As basic as it may sound, your trouser colour should always match your socks.

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