2 Sets Of NBA Announcers Have Hilariously Different Reactions To Same Controversial Buzzer-Beater


Courtney Lee

Late last week, the Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Sacramento Kings with a catch-and-layup at the buzzer by Courtney Lee.

The Kings are now protesting the ending of the game arguing that the shot should not have counted according to an Associated Press report.

Here is the play as called by the Grizzlies television crew.

The officials decided to review the shot. While most people in the arena thought the officials were looking to see if the shot got off in time, that was not the case as the ball was clearly out of Lee’s hand with plenty of time to spare.

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Rather, the controversy stems from whether or not Ryan Hollins of the Kings tipped the pass by Vince Carter.

If Hollins did tip the pass, the clock should have started sooner and there would have not been enough time for Lee to catch the ball and shoot.

Watching the replay through unbiased eyes, it looked like Hollins might have grazed the ball with his pinky finger. But it is just too close to tell and definitely seemed like it was too close to overturn the ruling of the officials.

But what is most important is that neither team’s announcers were watching the replay with unbiased eyes and the crews had hilariously different reactions with the Grizzlies announcers convinced Hollins did not touch the ball and Kings announcers declaring that he “clearly” touched the ball.

Here is the exchange. Grizzlies announcers begin analysing the replay at the 0:32 mark and the Kings announcers start at the 1:29 mark.


After a lengthy review, the officials ruled that the ball had not been touched and the basket was good. The league is expected to issue a ruling on the protest by Dec. 2.

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