Memo To S&P Employees, Part II: No, Really Don't Talk To The Police, SEC, Feds

“You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney.” It’s something that we’ve all heard in cop dramas. Here’s the thing: exercising both those rights is a really, really good idea. Don’t wait until you are arrested. Everything you say before you are arrested can and will be held against you also. If you are the subject of an investigation, lawyer up and shut up.

The most dangerous thing you can do is believe you are completely innocent and decide to cooperate.  The worst thing you can possibly do is apologise, as that’s basically a confession. There’s a name for people who believe that their innocence will protect them: convicts.

Here’s the second part of the video we showed yesterday. In yesterday’s segment, James Duane explained why innocent people should never talk to the police.  In today’s segment, a police officer responds. It’s even more persuasive for why you shouldn’t talk to the cops. “We are allowed to lie in interviews,” the officer says.


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