Republican YouTube Debate Questions: A Big Yawn

More than 5,000 video questions for the Republicans have been uploaded to YouTube for tonight’s debate on CNN in Tampa, Fla. That’s quite a bit more than the 3,000 or so vids uploaded for the Democratic YouTube debate this summer.

Another difference between the two debates: The videos that YouTube users are submitting are drop-dead boring. A CNN employee who’s been screening them says think Mac. vs PC.  Whereas many of the memorable questions for the Democratic debate were both well-made and funny — think of the animated snowman’s question on climate change — Republican YouTubers tend to be dour and lo-fi: “regular people with video cameras.”

What to make of this? Republicans are all brain-dead, creativity-free gun zealots? No, because a lot of those videos were posted by Democrats. But judge for yourself: After the jump, a video question we’re told is representative of the batch CNN has gotten for tonight’s debate.

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