16 beautiful pictures of roadkill and other dead things

Artist Bobby Neel Adams became famous for his clever photos of ageing. His latest series focuses on death.

“In a strange way I think that it is a natural progression of my world view and my place in it,” Adams writes in an email.

The new series, called “Memento Mori,” shows road kill and other dead bugs, plants, and animals in haunting arrangements. One image features a pig head floating underwater with flowers in its mouth. Another is a dead quail surrounded by petals.

'Pig Bouquet'


'American Anahinga Gecko'

'Mother Daughter'

'Bird Hunter'

'Lizard Crest'



'Emerald beetle'


'Cat Beetle'

'Cat Berry'


'Bohemian Waxwing'

'Javelina Lizard'


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