Members Of Al Qaeda Were Upset When Keith Olbermann Was Fired From MSNBC

Adam Gadhan Keith Olbermann

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This is almost unbelievable.Among the things found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound was a strategy memo, in which a fellow member of Al-Qaeda evaluated different American news networks and openly lamented the firing of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC.  

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius has obtained a 21 page “media strategy letter” from Al Qaeda’s Adam Gadahan, an American-born member of the terrorist organisation. 

Ignatius writes:

Gadahn hated Fox News (“falls into the abyss”); he liked MSNBC but complained about the firing of Keith Olbermann; he had mixed feelings about CNN (better in Arabic than in English) and made flattering comments about CBS and ABC. Basically, he wanted to play them all off to al-Qaeda’s best advantage. He also mentioned print journalists, most prominently Robert Fisk of The Independent of Britain. He cites three Americans (“Brian Russ,” “Simon Hirsh” and “Jerry Van Dyke”), though it’s uncertain whom he meant.

Fox News is undoubtedly taking some pride in being the most hated network of the terrorist group.