Member Of Billionaire Saudi Prince’s Entourage Found Guilty Of Rape At The Plaza Hotel

plaza hotel new york

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Mustapha Ouanes, a member of the entourage of Saudi royalty Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, was found guilty on Wednesday of raping a woman at the Plaza Hotel who fell asleep in his bed after a night of carousing in January 2010, Russ Buettner reports for The New York Times.A fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy told Buettner that the prince—reportedly a billionaire and the son of King Fahd, who died in 2005—devotes much of his time to jet-setting with his entourage.

The prosecutor in the trial said that Ouanes, who had the task of adjusting the climate of the prince’s suite, was emboldened to the point of negligence by the luxurious and privileged world he traveled in, Buettner reports.

His sentence will be decided on March 16.

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