Melbourne's Eureka Tower now has superfast 200Mbps broadband to rival the NBN

High-wire artist Kane Petersen walks a tightrope at Eureka Skydeck. Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

ASX-listed Spirit Telecom has installed broadband outside of the NBN that’s as fast as any retail offering from the national network, for residents in Australia’s second tallest building, Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Spirit said the 91-floor apartment complex has been connected with its own fibre, independent of the NBN, and is capable of providing 200Mbps download and 200Mbps upload speeds.

This matches the fastest commercially available NBN plans, with SkyMesh currently offering a 200/200 plan after 100Mbps was the fastest retail level for many years.

Spirit Telecom managing director Geoff Neate said that 9% of the 575 apartments in Eureka signed up by its launch this week.

“We are delighted to be part of such an iconic landmark in Melbourne and have been pleasantly surprised at the interest and immediate take up of our service by residents,” he said. “We are well aware that expectations have been set and we have to live up to them.”

Spirit’s fibre optic lines are running all the way up “the spine” of the 297m Eureka Tower with “switched Ethernet” technology enabling the superfast speeds.

Neate cited his company’s recent work in Gold Coast’s SPC Towers, Vogue apartments in Melbourne and now Eureka Tower as a testament to the “strength and attractiveness of our network infrastructure capability”.

Spirit Telecom, which listed on the ASX in June last year through a reverse takeover, specialises in connecting large residential buildings and business parks to fibre optic broadband.

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