Melbourne’s rail network stopped due to a computer fault – and Uber’s surge pricing went bananas

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Photo: Steve Christo/Corbis via Getty Images.

A computer fault halted the entire Melbourne metro rail network for around an hour this afternoon, making life hell for everyone trying to get home from work.

Services began to return shortly after 5pm but Metro Trains has warned that major delays are expected as it attempts to get back on timetable.

The system error occurred at around 4pm, shutting down the entire network.

The stoppage also hit V/Line trains, while Yarra Trams has also reported delays due to increased demand.

Station staff were then forced to introduce crowd control measures due to overcrowding.

Some found humour in the circumstance:

Others only felt frustration:

But one person’s misfortune is another’s golden opportunity, as ride sharing service Uber discovered, with the app’s infamous surge pricing kicking in at nearly 400% more than the normal price.

Not that customers saw it that way: