Melbourne tyre factory fire now under control after a night of continued burning

Photo: Twitter/ @higherpersppic

A massive tyre fire which caused a toxic plume of black smoke to spread across Melbourne yesterday is finally under control.

The fire which started shortly before 9am on Monday at recycling plant in the industrial area of Broadmeadows took 70 firefighters, working through the day and night, to control it.

Initially fire crews thought the fire would burn for days.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade downgraded its advice from the Watch and Act it issued yesterday.

While the fire is now under control surrounding streets remain partially closed.

“There is no threat to the community, but people are advised to avoid the area,” the MFB said.

The MFB will hold a community meeting for residents and local business operators in located around Maygar Boulevard today.

See photos from the raging fire here.

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