Melbourne police have seized a 3D printer used to print guns in a bikie raid

A 3D-printed gun the NSW Police created in 2013.

Melbourne’s bikie taskforce has seized a 3D printer believed to be used to print guns in a raid this morning.

The Echo Taskforce arrested three people connected to the Mongols OMCG this morning in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Alongside the 3D printer, ammunition, equipment for manufacturing firearms and a small amount of narcotics were found on the property.

A Victorian Police spokeswoman said that: “The warrant is part of an ongoing Echo Taskforce investigation in relation to perverting the course of justice.”

Australian police forces have admitted in the past that they’re “terrified” of 3D-printed weapons, with the NSW police force holding press conferences in the past to talk about the issue.

Early last year, Queensland police seized 3D-printed firearms parts.

At one press conference, the NSW police showed off a 3D-printed gun they were able to print known as ‘The Liberator’ which they made after downloading a design off the internet. They printed two guns, with it taking 27 hours to print the parts and only a minute each to assemble with a firing pin made out of a steel nail.

Both guns were fired into a block of resin designed to simulate human flesh. The first .38 caliber bullet penetrated 17cm. The NSW Police Ballistics division confirmed this could kill.

The second gun, however, exploded when fired.

Since that demonstration though, technology has advanced significantly, with several models able to hold bullets in a magazine style, like regular guns. A Japanese man was arrested last year after he was found possessing a 3D-printed gun which was capable of holding six bullets.

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