Melbourne is banning cars in the city

A tram passes Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour / Getty Images)

Melbourne city council has proposed a trial ban on cars in the city in an experiment that it hopes will show the public how well Melbourne could operate with just public transport.

Under the plan, cars and motorcycles will be blocked for entering the Hoddle grid bound by Flinders St, Spencer St, Spring St and the Queen Victoria Market.

“It’s inevitable as all major cities become congested that something has to give, and that give is going to be the motor car in the end,” councillor Richard Foster said.

“One day we will have a car-free city but we have to progress towards that steadily and gradually, and this is one of those very first steps. We’re lagging behind the rest of the world.”

The one-day trial will be held on a Sunday and be tied to an event such as Moomba or White Night in 2017, and public transport services will be increased as required.

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