Melbourne Cup By The Numbers

The Melbourne Cup is just over 2 weeks away and it’s shaping up to be a big day.

Market research firm IBISWorld expects spending to grow 3.5% this year to $455.5 million, excluding bets placed by people outside of the event.

Here are the numbers:

Bets: $806 million

According to analyst forecasts, Australians will place a total of $806 million in bets on race outcomes next month, up 7.4% on 2012 figures.

Of this year's sum, $68.1 million of bets will be placed by event attendees, and 35% of betting will occur via online or mobile platforms.

The Victoria Racing Club has spent a total of $1.4 million installing a free, stadium-wide wifi network to keep punters online this year.

Food and drink: $168 million

Almost $168 million will change hands this year in trackside food and beverage purchases and at a range of private and corporate functions across the nation.

Australians spent a total of $162.5 million on food and beverages during last year's Melbourne Cup.

Victorian drink driving offences: 24

Victoria Police issued a total of 24 drink driving-related penalty notices across the state on Melbourne Cup day last year - only slightly above the daily average of 22 last financial year.

The penalties come with fines of $289 to $614, and demerit points or up a 14-month license suspension.

NSW Police says it is rare for Sydney drivers to be fined for drink driving, with police preferring to take legal action via the courts.

Clothes and makeup: $53.2 million

Spending on fashion and beauty will grow 13.9% this year to $53.2 million, as consumer confidence grows and men become more fashion-conscious, IBISWorld reports.

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