Hundreds of people were evacuated from their Melbourne homes after wild weather left a crane in danger of collapse


Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes last night in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Richmond after a crane was in danger of collapsing.

According to The Age, around 300 residents were evacuated at 10pm on Monday after emergency services were called when wild weather and strong winds caused the crane to teeter backwards and almost fall over.

The crane is about 35 metres tall, and according to the owner Michael Clarke from Clarke Cranes, the jib (its main arm) had not been left in the proper position.

Speaking to radio 3AW he said “it needs to be left down at a certain radius… so the wind can grab it and move the crane around of a night-time”.

“But if left up too high, the wind will grab the boom and push it backwards,” he said.

Twelve people stayed in Melbourne Town Hall where there an evacuation centre was set up. An 800-metre section of Bridge Street was closed while emergency services stabilised the crane.

Severe weather warnings remain in the place this morning, with more wild winds coming from the west bringing a cold front to Melbourne this afternoon.

Hundreds of homes experienced blackouts last night and are still without power this morning.

The Age has more here.

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