Receptionist Accidentally Forwards X-Rated Email Exchange To Entire Office

A racy string of emails between a couple who worked at the same company recently went viral when one of them accidentally forwarded the exchange to the entire office. 

Neetzan Zimmerman at Gawker reported that receptionist Melanie Anderson and her fiancé Eric Knisz were discussing private matters when Anderson sent an email to the entire office to notify them that lunch had arrived in a sandwich van. Somehow, she also forwarded the steamy messages between her and Knisz, which included “I love making love to you its ace!!!” and other embarrassing exchanges.

The email quickly went viral and Tweets with the hashtag #sandwichvan quickly appeared on Twitter:


Photo: Twitter

The couple worked at Integrated Subsea Services (ISS) in Aberdeen, Scotland, but have both since quit their jobs, according to a tweet by Kevin Keane at BBC.

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