Melania Trump's $3,000 pink dress reveals a key difference between her and Michelle Obama

Melania TrumpAP Images Craig RuttleMelania Trump’s pink dress was criticised online Wednesday.

Melania Trump’s address to the spouses of world leaders of the United Nations resulted in an unexpected strain of backlash. 

While the first lady addressed issues of bullying, much of the discussion following the speech was about Trump’s dress. 

Trump wore a $US2,950 bright pink Delpozo dress, with voluminous sleeves that billowed out behind the podium. 

Trump covered serious issues that need to be addressed. For the speech to be derailed by discussion of the dress reveals a crucial misstep by the first lady. 

“First lady Melania Trump became a victim of cyberbullies after she donned a hot pink, oversized dress to a United Nations luncheon Wednesday, where she gave a speech about the dangers of bullying,” Fox News reported. 

While not condoning any “cyber-bullying” of the first lady, we noticed something peculiar about the dress. 

From a purely stylistic perspective, this looked like a rare misstep for the typically fashionable first lady. While critics may find fault with the cost of her clothing, Trump usually looks quite sharp. Avowedly “apolitical” fashion Instagrams chart her looks, and conservative media outlets regularly celebrate her style. 

However, on Wednesday, Trump looks like she was enveloped by a hot air balloon. On overly bright monitors, it appeared as if her dress was half of a wide, fat oval. 

If you zoom out, it’s a different story. Photos of Melania entering the UN luncheon show a well-fitted dress balanced stylishly by billowing sleeves. 

In front of the podium, Trump’s dress looks “over-sized” — and is even described as such in an article defending the first lady. However, when you zoom out, it’s clear the dress isn’t oversized. The problem is that Trump chose an outfit that is incredibly ill-suited for giving a speech in front of a podium. 

Trump is typically measured and strategic in her fashion choices. This slip up says more about her lack of public speaking experience than her fashion knowledge. She knows how to dress — she just didn’t fully think about how things would look through the lenses of cameras focused on the podium. 

It’s a mistake that’s reminiscent of various “scandals” surrounding Michelle Obama. More than once, there were controversies about Obama doing something like wearing shorts on Air Force One or $US500 sneakers that distracted from issues the first lady would have preferred to discuss.

However, one area where Michelle Obama never struggled was in public speaking. In fact, Melania Trump once copied parts of a speech by Obama. 

Trump’s misinformed fashion choice isn’t a problem. But, it does reveal something about the first lady — a lack of public speaking experience that she would be well-served to develop in the future. 

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