Melania Trump flaunted her life of expensive vacations and celebrity-packed galas on social media until the election -- here's how much her life has changed

  • Melania Trump says she is hard at work as the first lady of the US.
  • Prior to President Donald Trump’s election, Melania Trump’s schedule was dominated by socialising with celebrities and luxury vacations.
  • Scrolling through Trump’s social media posts shows how much the first lady’s life has changed – and how glamorous her life was before the election.

Melania Trump’s life has changed a lot in the last year.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, Melania Trump’s day-to-day has transformed from a glamorous romp – filled with luxury homes, expensive vacations, and relaxing with her son – to managing a staff of roughly nine as first lady. She has travelled around the world, met with foreign leaders, and begun to take on causes of her own such as bullying and the opiod crisis.

The transformation is even more remarkable when you take a look into the life Trump was living before her husband decided to run for president.

Here’s a glimpse into Trump’s pre-White House life, as documented by the first lady herself on social media.

Pre-election, Trump’s social media presence was defined by glamour.

Her days, as documented on Twitter and Instagram, were dominated by various classy events and luxury vacations.

The now-first lady documented many trips to West Palm Beach, where Donald Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago is located.

Trump also posted a photo of herself on her way to her summer — or “summmer” — residence, presumably the 60-room Seven Springs in Bedford, New York.

Source: Town and Country

All the travelling meant lots of photos taken from private planes.

The events themselves seem equally glamorous.

While Saturday Night Live has frequently mocked President Trump, Melania and Donald Trump attended SNL’s 40th anniversary party in 2015.

Melania Trump’s marriage and her own career as a model mean that she had plenty of opportunities to meet other celebrities.

Trump celebrated the 2015 Super Bowl by posting a photo of herself and her husband on the field with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

A month earlier, she rang in the new year with tennis star Serena Williams.

Williams says she didn’t vote in the 2016 election and is not involved in politics at all due to her religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness.

The Trumps even met Nelson Mandela, with Melania posting a photo with the South African leader after he died in 2013.

Despite the frequency of flashy photos, Trump had some posts that offer followers a glimpse into her private life.

She posted photos of super-healthy smoothies alongside fancy dinners out.

Trump was apparently a fan of Sia’s song “Chandelier.”

There are many photos of her only son, Barron.

Trump is extremely close with her son and has said that being a mum is her “most important job ever.”

Source: Business Insider

She even posted a selfie she apparently took while dropping Barron off at school.

Trump has also posted a number of photos with her husband.

While Melania Trump’s social media primarily show her as an independent figure, she does post some pictures of her sharing some hobbies, such as golf, with the now-president.

And, Trump wasn’t above using Twitter to flirt with her husband.

From the glamorous lifestyle to some more sensual poses, there are a lot of photos on Trump’s social media accounts that don’t fit the stereotypical image of a first lady.

However, that has changed since her husband’s election.

Now, Trump’s “FLOTUS” Twitter account is flooded with photos of her visiting members of the military, meeting international leaders, and working with charities.

More light-hearted posts are the exception — and you won’t find any bikini selfies.

In many ways, Trump’s social media presence has changed more than her husband’s since the election.

Trump celebrated her first year as first lady with a photo that did not feature the president — a move that raised a few eyebrows.

She hasn’t made any public statement since the Wall Street Journal reported that the president’s lawyer paid Stormy Daniels $US130,000 to cover up an alleged affair between the president and the porn star soon after Barron’s birth.

Trump says she is focused on work. And, her social media proves that she’s truly committing to her new, less glamorous way of life — at least publicly.

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