The US egg industry presented the White House with a Melania Trump-inspired, rhinestone-encrusted egg that opens to reveal a tiny version of the first couple

American Egg BoardThe 2018 Commemorative Egg, featuring tiny versions of Melania and Donald Trump.
  • Melania Trump was presented with an egg covered in rhinestones with tiny versions of herself and the president inside as part of the White House’s Easter celebrations.
  • The Commemorative Egg is an American Egg Board tradition that began at the White House egg roll in 1977.
  • This year’s egg is entitled “Wings of Prayer” and inspired by Melania Trump’s “elegance.”

Melania Trump is now the proud owner of a rhinestone-covered egg that opens to reveal a tiny version of herself and her husband, President Donald Trump.

On Monday, The American Egg Board presented the first lady with a rhinestone-encrusted egg as part of the White House egg roll. While the egg is elegant on the outside, it opens to reveal an even more detailed work of art: miniature versions of President Trump and his wife.

The egg, entitled “Wings of Prayer,” was created by Deborah Grassel, an artist from Paige, Texas. According to the American Egg Board, Grassel was inspired by Melania Trump in designing the egg.

Trump’s “elegance comes to life in the ornate nature of the design, which is adorned in rhinestones,” the organisation said in a statement.

The statement continued: “Beautiful angel wings open to expose an intricate scene over a handmade bridge where, if you look closely, you can see a Koi fish swimming in the water beneath.”

The American Egg Board, which represents the American egg industry and sponsors the annual White House egg roll, began the commemorative egg tradition in 1977. Every year, the board presents the the first lady with the egg at the Easter festivities, with artists drawing inspiration from the first lady and “the Egg Roll itself,” according to The American Egg Board.

“Previously, Commemorative Eggs have reflected the passions and public interest of America’s first ladies and their respective favourite pastimes, like reading, and personal colour preferences,” a representative of the board said in an email to Business Insider.

Here are some more photos of the Melania Trump-inspired egg:

Commerative eggAmerican Egg BoardThe unopened egg.
 trump eggAmerican Egg BoardA closer look at the tiny president and first lady inside the egg.
Commerative eggAmerican Egg BoardThe rhinestones decorating the egg

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