Melania and Ivanka Trump reportedly clashed over similar photo ops with black children in their Instagram videos

Melania and Ivanka Trump used similar images in their October 4 Instagram videos, reportedly causing drama between their offices. @flotus/Instagram; @ivankatrump/Instagram

  • Melania and Ivanka Trump both had images of themselves cradling black children in their October 4 Instagram videos.
  • It caused a rift between them that needed to be settled by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, according on the New York Times.
  • The first lady and first daughter’s offices reportedly struggle not to step on each others’ toes.

Melania and Ivanka Trump reportedly had a dispute after they used similar imagery in their Instagram videos.

On October 4, Melania Trump’s Instagram account posted a video about the first lady’s trip to Ghana during her tour of Africa. As part of that video, she cradled a Ghanaian child in her arms.

That same day, Ivanka Trump, the first daughter and a White House senior advisor, posted a video about her trip to North Carolina, where she helped with the recovery following Hurricane Florence. At the end of that video, she’s holding and high-fiving an African-American child at a recovery camp.

Melania trump photo op
Melania Trump cradling a Ghanaian child in a photo op. @flotus/Instagram
Ivanka trump photo op
Ivanka Trump cradling an African-American child in a photo op. @ivankatrump/Instagram

It’s not clear exactly why this episode caused problems between the first lady and first daughter. But according to the New York Times, the twin images triggered longstanding sensitivities between the two camps.

John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff, is tasked with managing the relationship between both of their offices. He discussed the video with Ivanka Trump’s staff amid the tensions raised by the duplicate images.

Ivanka and Melania Trump’s offices have a complicated dynamic, according to the New York Times, where they sometimes struggle not to duplicate each other’s efforts.

During her trip to Africa in October, Melania Trump visited Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt, and closed her trip with a long interview with ABC that focused on her achievements as first lady, and gave her space to hit back on the criticism she’s received.

But just as she announced her trip. Ivanka Trump’s staff told hers that the first daughter was planning a similar trip herself. She ultimately bumped it to January, and will be touring several countries with Senator Lindsey Graham. Bill Shine, the White House communications director, is planning a similar interview for the end of her trip.

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