Mel, The Personal Trainer Who Exposed Those Ridiculous 'Before And After' Weight Loss Photos, Has Launched An eBook

First she exposed the scam behind the those infuriating ‘before and after’ weight loss photographs (that’s Mel V above in photos taken 15 minutes apart).

Now Mel V, the Australian personal trainer and fitness expert, has released her own book, Have Your Cake And Get Lean Too.

Mel V (she doesn’t use her surname) became a global internet super star when she used her blog to show how those weight loss advertisements do ‘before and after’ shots.

She created her own bit of before and after fakery in 15 minutes and the world loved it.

Hundreds of thousands round the world read about what she was saying about body image, fitness and a healthy life.

Since the Melbourne-based personal trainer has been busy, first launching a website and now an Ebook.

Mel has had her own fight with maintaining a healthy life. She’s tried many diets and fitness regimes. Then she found counting macros.

“I was skeptical at first but since using it myself I have seen amazing results. I am on my way to having the physique I desire with absolutely no sacrifice. I drink socially with my friends and I have cake at birthday parties.”

She says the big advantage of counting macros, sometimes known as flexible dieting, is that you can eat whatever you like, as long as it fits your targets.

When using counting macros, total calorie intake is divided into specific macronutrient amounts: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins and Fibre.

These vary from individual to individual depending on a number of factors. You then take those numbers and use a program to log everything eaten and to ensure consumption comes close to matching macronutrient targets.

It’s all on her website and in her eBook.

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