A Dazzling Tour Of Mel Gibson's Numerous Luxury Homes


Mel Gibson doesn’t have the best track record with the media lately, but he certainly has a long list of real estate behind him. 

While Mel’s properties are all over the world, they have one common theme: Luxury. 

From ranches in Montana to islands in Fiji, Mel owns or has owned an dazzling real estate portfolio worth tens of millions of dollars.

Old Mill Farm—Greenwich, Conn.—Sold for $27 million in 2010

A front view of Old Mill Farms

The inside of Old Mill Farms has a log cabin feel

Lavender Hills Farm—Malibu, Calif.—On the market for $12.75 million

There's a life size chess board at Lavender Hills Farm

The pool at Lavender Hills Farm

Carbon Mesa Road—Malibu, Calif.—Bought for $11.5 million in 2010

Beartooth Ranch—Montana—Sold to his neighbours in 2005

Beartooth Ranch is 45,000 acres

Tangamblanga Farmland—Victoria, Australia—Sold in 2004

Hacienda Dorada—Costa Rica—On the market for $35 million

Mago Island—Fiji—Bought for $15 million in 2005

Photo of men loading sugar cane from Mago Island in 1884

Sierra Creek Road—Los Angeles—Bought in 2004 for $1.75 million

Gibson also apparently has property in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountain range

But how does Mel's real estate compare to Kim Jong Il's many estates?

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