Rachel Maddow Finds 'Fake Judge' Megyn Kelly Very Embarrassing

Megyn Kelly scored a lot of Twitter attention when she (or whoever tweets for her) sent out the following yesterday.

megyn kelly twitter

Kelly’s Court is a regular segment on Kelly’s show (she is a former lawyer) and in the end I think she decided the woman (who is still in a coma) was right? 

Regardless, her Tweet hit a nerve.  Also, apparently, Rachel Maddow‘s funny bone (funny embarrassing, not funny haha).  Maddow included Kelly on her second text-in poll last night along with Snooy Poop Dog Alan Simpson.

Said Maddow:  “That’s a great question Megyn Kelly!  And happy International Women’s Day to you as well!…Fake Judge Megyn Kelly settled that question!”

Megyn Kelly is the new Glenn Beck.  Video below.


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