MEGYN KELLY JUST BLEW IT ON AIR: That Report About Aliens Attacking Us Was Not Funded By NASA*

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly just corrected her error on air. Fox News also changed it’s online poll about the subject to reflect the misreporting.

EARLIER: Megyn Kelly just said on Fox News that NASA funded a report stating Aliens will attack Earth because humans are ruining the planet by causing global warming.

She’s wrong.

That report was not funded by NASA. It was written by an independent group of scientists and bloggers. One of those happens to work at NASA.

Here’s a tweet from NASA earlier today:

nasa alien tweet

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In this blog post, the writer says he was not funded by NASA or any other agency to help with the report. Here’s an excerpt:

Yes, I work at NASA. It’s also true that I work at NASA Headquarters. But I am not a civil servant… just a lowly postdoc. More importantly, this paper has nothing to do with my work there. I wasn’t funded for it, nor did I spend any of my time at work or any resources provided to me by NASA to participate in this effort. There are at least a hundred more important and urgent things to be done on any given work day than speculate on the different scenarios for contact with alien civilizations… However, in my free time (what precious little I have), I didn’t mind working on stuff like this every once in a while. Why? Well, because I’m a geek and stuff like this is fun to think about. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for fun. Indeed, I felt guilty at times because this has led to a lack of effort on my part in my interactions with Seth and Jacob. Beyond adding some comments here or there, I did very little for the paper.

And here’s the clip of Megyn Kelly misreporting the story: