Megyn Kelly confronts Donald Trump over 'bimbo' retweets

Donald TrumpScreenshot/FoxDonald Trump.

Donald Trump addressed multiple Twitter attacks involving Fox News host Megyn Kelly in an interview with the anchor during a Tuesday primetime special.

The presumptive GOP nominee had made a number of harsh remarks aimed at Kelly on his Twitter account following a GOP primary debate last August. The Twitter spree included his retweeting of accounts that had called Kelly crude names such as a “bimbo.”

That debate, during which Kelly asked Trump a question about his treatment of women, sparked the Manhattan billionaire’s vitriol toward the Fox host.

Asked about his Twitter habits on Tuesday — specifically, some of the crude tweets from other accounts that Trump has promoted on his page, the real-estate magnate said Kelly would “be amazed at some of the ones I don’t retweet.”

Kelly interjected, bringing up the tweets chastising her as a “bimbo.”

“Well, that was a retweet,” Trump said. “Did I say that?”

“Many times,” Kelly responded.

“Ooh, OK,” an uncomfortable-looking Trump responded. “Excuse me.”

Then Trump added that the insult was “not the most horrible thing.”

“Over your life Megyn, you’ve been called a lot worse than that, right?” Trump said. “Wouldn’t you say? You haven’t had a life that’s that easy?”


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