Meghan Markle’s go-to sustainable jewelry designer says her post-royal style won’t be influenced by ‘money, opinion, or stylists’

Meghan markle earrings
Meghan Markle wearing Ecksand gold bar earrings during a royal visit to Morocco. Hannah Mckay/Pool/Getty Images
  • Meghan’s go-to jewelry brand says she won’t be easily influenced in developing her post-royal style.
  • The duchess has been a fan of sustainable jewelry brand Ecksand since 2018.
  • The company’s founder believes the duchess’ step back will allow her to show her authentic style.
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Meghan Markle recently rewore a $US1,144 ($AU1,554) pink sapphire ring by Ecksand, one of the duchess’ go-to sustainable jewelry designers.

The Montreal-based brand, founded in 2010, is best known for its ethical practices – from using recycled gold made in Canada to offering customers a “100-year warranty,” according to co-founder and creative director, Erica Bianchini.

Bianchini spoke to Insider about how the royal is paving the way for sustainable jewelry – and how she won’t be easily influenced when it comes to her post-royal style.

The Duchess of Sussex is helping to promote sustainability

Markle, who was first photographed wearing Ecksand in 2018, has worn various items from the brand, including the showcase stackable rings and gold bar earrings.

More recently, the duchess wore the $US1,114 ($AU1,513) sapphire cocktail ring – made with recycled gold and ethically-sourced diamonds – to Spotify’s Stream On virtual event in February. She previously wore it to the Endeavour Awards in 2019.

Meghan markle pink ring
Meghan Markle wore Ecksand’s sapphire ring. Spotify/YouTube, Ecksand

Bianchini believes the duchess chose Ecksand for its sustainable values. The brand’s mission is to reduce waste by reusing and recycling the materials it uses to create pieces.

“By wearing an Ecksand ring she’s reminding the world to be conscious of what we choose to wear when it comes to those sustainable values,” she said. “Meghan Markle is a working woman, who is saying you should love what you wear and make sure it aligns with your values.”

“In one photo she may have literally educated more [people] than we could have in five years,” she said.

Markle won’t be easily influenced when it comes to her post-royal style

It’s well known that working royals have plenty of advisors, stylists, and designers on hand to help them dress for specific occasions. The Queen has her own in-house designer, Angela Kelly, who is in charge of Her Majesty’s styling for all major royal events.

Now that Markle is no longer a working royal, she won’t be working with the same advisors, or required to follow the same style guidelines that she did previously.

The duchess has already exhibited a change in her style since stepping back, having swapped out fascinators and ball gowns for a more casual, California-inspired look.

Bianchini believes Markle’s step back from the royal family will allow her to embrace her own authentic style.

“Now, more than we’ve ever seen in the past, she’s just gonna do her thing, choose what she likes, and she won’t be influenced by money, opinion, or stylists. She’s going to be true to what she believes in, and I think that’s really the message,” Bianchini said.

“As she and Harry are exploring their future and how they will be looked up to, she’s probably reinforcing her own personal opinion and her own style choices. The decisions she’s making now are her decisions,” she added.