Meghan Markle introduced her makeup artist to a psychic who charges $250 per session

Meghan Markle may have a fortune-telling friend. Charles McQuillan / Getty
  • Meghan Markle recommended psychic Richard Win to her makeup artist Spencer Barnes, who credited her via Instagram for the connection.
  • Win is a psychic who Barnes says charges $US250 per session, although it’s unclear whether Markle has used his services.
  • Markle, who is getting married to Prince Harry on May 19, has been the subject of numerous psychic predictions about the success of her marriage.

It may have been difficult for even a psychic to see how successful Meghan Markle was to become.

The “Suits” star has had a strong acting career and is now preparing to enter Britain’s royal family as her wedding to Prince Harry is scheduled for May 19. Meanwhile, Markle’s makeup artist, the Los Angeles-based Spencer Barnes, revealed in an Instagram post that his high-profile client recommended a psychic for him to use.

In his post, Barnes thanks Markle “for introducing me to someone who has become a powerful friend over the last couple years. His name is Richard Win.”

Barnes’ post did not make it clear whether Markle had used Richard Win for his psychic ability or she knew him in another context and decided to connect the two.

The Observer sent a direct message to Barnes over Instagram to find out more about Win. Barnes told the Observer that his psychic usually charges $US250 a session but would offer a discounted rate of $US200 if a client mentioned the makeup artist’s name.

The 72-year-old Win has no online presence “because he has so many high-profile clients and their privacy is important to him” Barnes told the Observer.

Barnes notes in his post that although everyone eventually has power over their destiny and decisions, “at times – an illuminated perspective is just what we need to assist us in navigating those paths with greater confidence, focus & clarity.”

He wrote that Win “proved to be a guiding light and a key support in helping me” and called his psychic “the real deal.”

Barnes also seemed to imply in his post that he would not be doing Markle’s makeup for her wedding, despite his work with celebrities like Julianne Hough and Laura Prepon, who are featured on his Instagram account.

Although it is not known what Win may see about Markle’s impending marriage to Prince Harry, other psychics have weighed in.

Australian psychic Kerrie Erwin appeared on television last year shortly after the couple announced their engagement in November. While Erwin predicted a royal pregnancy for Markle within the next year, she does not see the marriage as long-lasting. She says that the couple will be together for “maybe five years,” citing strong individual personalities.

We’ll see.