Meghan Markle’s dog has ‘written’ an illustrated book, and it’s a surprisingly emotional tale that tells her story from behind-the-scenes

Meghan Markle owns a beagle (not pictured here). Getty/Shutterstock
  • Guy is a beagle from Kentucky who was set to be put down when no one wanted to adopt him.
  • Meghan Markle rescued him in 2015 in Ontario, Canada.
  • He moved with the now Duchess to Kensington Palace where he won over the royal family and became a regal beagle.
  • Now, Guy has apparently “written” an illustrated book.

In news which may make your dog’s ability to “roll over” on command seem somewhat less impressive, Meghan Markle’s pooch has “written” an illustrated book.

His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle“, set to be released on November 20, tells the “rebarkable” true story of the Duchess of Sussex’s rescue dog and his journey to Kensington Palace – and it’s a surprisingly emotional tale.

The book is apparently written from the viewpoint of Guy himself (with a little help from Emmy award-winning writer Michael Brumm and Camille March).

‘His Royal Dogness.’ Simon and Schuster

It’s a classic wags to riches tale that begins in Kentucky in 2015, where abandoned beagle Guy was living in an animal shelter. No one wanted to adopt the beagle, so, tragically, he was set to be put down, according to The Guardian(although this fact is left out of the book).

Guy was luckily rescued by a woman called Dolores Doherty who runs a rescue centre called “A Dog’s Dream Rescue” in Ontario, Canada, which saves beagles on the kill list in the US and takes them to safety across the border.

And it was by moving to Canada that Guy’s life was about to change forever.

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The day he arrived in Ontario, Guy was taken to an adoption event, and who was to arrive? None other than Ms Meghan Markle. Doherty, however, had never seen “Suits” and reportedly had no idea who Markle was.

Guy suddenly had an owner who loved him.

“Meghan and I did everything together: we went on walks, played fetch, even binge-watched episodes of ‘Suits’,” writes Guy.

But when Markle’s relationship with a certain Prince Harry started to become more serious, Guy’s life was to change yet again. “A human loved Meghan too,” the story reads. “His name was Harry. He was tall, debonair, and had hair the colour of a traffic cone.”

Guy was nervous about joining the royal family – what if they didn’t think he was good enough to join the palace?

Upon arriving at Kensington Palace, Guy noted that the royal guards were “wearing black poodles on their heads.”

When he met two of the queen’s corgis, Guy realised he didn’t “speak British,” but the royal dogs told him everything he needed to know: never say “I’m sorry” and just blame everything on the Prime Minister.

Soon, the wedding day arrived.

The queen noticed Meghan’s bouquet was missing a sprig of myrtle, but Guy was there so save the day, sniffing out the right piece of foliage in the palace grounds.

From then on, the queen loved Guy as much as Meghan and Harry, and he was even seen riding with Her Majesty in the car to Windsor.

From then on, he was truly a regal beagle.

You can buy “His Royal Dogness, Guy The Beagle” on Amazon from November 20.