How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's reported net worth compares to Kate Middleton and Prince William's

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesMeghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William.

  • According to Forbes, the royal family is worth at least $US88 billion.
  • Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have fortunes of their own before becoming members of the royal family.
  • Prince William and Prince Harry have a similar net worth.
  • The three royal kids have their own impressive net worths.

It’s certainly no secret that the British royal family has a tremendous amount of money. In fact, they probably have even more than you thought they did – in previous reports, Forbes has said that the family, as a whole, is worth at least $US88 billion. But what does this mean for the individual net worths of each member of the family?

Prince William and Middleton are older than Harry and Markle, have three children, and are in line to become the King and Queen of England one day, so it makes sense that their net worth would be higher. But how much higher?

Kate Middleton herself is worth at least a reported $US7 million, and not all of her money is from the royal family.

KGC-178/STAR MAX/IPxKate Middleton.

Time reported that, according to global wealth-tracking firm Wealth-X, Middleton is worth at least £5 million, which comes out to about $US6.5 million (it’s worth noting that some estimates put her closer to $US10 million). Most of her money, however, didn’t come from the fact that she’s a member of the royal family – it came from her own family.

Middleton’s parents started a company called Party Pieces, an online party supplies business. Royal expert Marlene Koenig told Time that the company is estimated to be worth around £30 million, or $US40 million. Before marrying William and becoming a duchess, Middleton worked for the business and was also a part-time accessories buyer for a retailer called Jigsaw, where she made some of her own money.

And, of course, as his wife, Middleton has William’s fortune as well.

Prince William is reportedly worth between $US30 and $US40 million, and a lot of that is in cash.

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesPrince William.

According to Wealth-X’s evaluation reported in Time, William is worth at least $US30 million, and $US19 million of it is in cash. When his mother Princess Diana passed away, she left William (and Harry) a large inheritance at the lump sum of a reported £10 million (which is roughly $US13 million), which William received when he turned 30-years-old.

He had also received an inheritance from the Queen. According to BBC, she put most of her estimated $US89 million fortune into a trust fund for her great-grandchildren back in 1994. In 2002, BBC reported that William and Harry would share about $US17.9 million from that estate.

Most of what William does in his life is covered by the Duchy of Cornwall. To get an idea of how much that would be, a 2017 report said that the Duchy spent $US4.9 million total to cover the duties of William, Middleton, Harry, and Markle.

When William worked as an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot, he received an annual salary of $US62,000, which he actually used to donate to charity, according to CNBC.

On top of that, William will receive the Duchy when Prince Charles becomes King. As King, he’ll be making a lot more than he does now – to get an idea of how much, consider the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is worth at least a repored $US530 million.

The royal kids have some net worth as well.

Chris Jackson/GettyPrince George and Princess Charlotte.

Middleton and William have three kids, all of which are going to amass their own small fortunes. Prince George, at 4 years old, is third in line for the throne, which means he has some big money coming to him. His net worth at the moment, according to Romper, is about £1.7 billion, or $US2.4 billion.

Much of this comes from something that has been deemed the “Prince George Effect,” which basically means that eldest royal child has a significant economic impact. Parents around the world spend money buying the clothes George wears, even pushing up the demand for lentils after he was seen eating them.

Although younger, Princess Charlotte is already worth more than her brother. E! News reported that London-based branded business valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance Group estimates the net worth of the toddler to be about £3 billion, or $US3.9 billion. Again, this net worth is calculated based on the estimated economic influence Charlotte will have over her lifetime, not real dollars. The “Princess Charlotte effect” is even stronger than the “Prince George effect,” as many more parents are spending money to buy what Charlotte wears for their children.

According to Marie Claire, the youngest child, Prince Louis, was said to be worth at least $US1 billion the day he was born. Cosmopolitan UK reported that Louis would add almost $US70 million to the British economy. This money would be coming from sales of souvenirs and memorabilia commemorating his birth – and, of course, there would be a “Prince Louis effect” as well.

Markle, like Middleton, had her own fortune before marrying into the royal family.

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesMeghan Markle.

According to Time, Markle has a net worth of about $US5 million. Much of this comes from her time as an American actress. According to Fortune, she was reportedly paid $US50,000 per episode for her role in “Suits” on the USA Network, which resulted in a salary of about $US450,000 per year.

Markle took on other roles throughout her acting career in both television and film that generated some money. Town and Country reported she was paid $US187,000 for her role in the film “Remember Me,” and $US171,42 for “The Candidate.”

Markle made money from more than just acting – she was a freelance calligrapher between jobs, and ran a lifestyle website called The Tig. She also had a partnership with Canadian retailer Reitmans, during which she released two sold-out clothing collections. There aren’t any numbers on what she made doing these things, and she did stop doing all of them when she became part of the royal family.

And now, as the Duchess of Sussex, Markle is also able to use income from the Duchy of Cornwall for her basic cost of living, though she reportedly pays for her own clothing. But Time points out that Markle’s finances are a bit complicated – Koenig said she still has to pay US income tax on her income since the US taxes expats. She has to do that until she becomes a UK citizen, which she can’t do until she’s been married for three years. Since she’ll likely be pursuing philanthropy full-time, however, she might not have a personal income to report.

Prince Harry and William reportedly have a similar net worth.

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesPrince Harry.

Like with William, it’s hard to get an exact number on Harry’s net worth, as the royal family keeps some of their fortune private. Still, Wealth-X estimates his net worth to be about $US25 million, and probably more.

Harry inherited half of his late mother’s estate, receiving about $US14 million when he turned 30-years-old. This inheritance also included Princess Diana’s personal jewellery collection, although we don’t know the worth of the jewels.

When the Queen Mother left her inheritance of £14 million to her great-grandsons, she left the bulk of that to Harry, according to Express. This is because William is set to inherit the Duchy of Cornwall.

As a member of the Army Air Corps, Forbes reported that Harry receives a salary between $US50,000 and $US53,000, and retired in 2015 after a 10-year career.

Like the rest of the royal family, Harry’s private income and money he receives for royal obligations come from the Duchy of Cornwall.

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