HOUSE OF THE DAY: Larry Ellison's Daughter Buys A Futuristic LA Mansion For $US30 Million

Megan Ellison — a producer of “Zero Dark 30” and “American Hustle,” as well as the daughter of software mogul Larry Ellison — had a whirlwind year in real estate.

After offloading three properties in the desirable Bird Streets neighbourhood of the Hollywood Hills for $US46.75 million, Ellison has scooped up another modern mansion in Los Angeles’ Mt. Olympus neighbourhood. She paid a reported $US20 million for the home, plus $US10 million for some surrounding land, according to real estate blogger The Real Estalker.

Designed by architect Richard Schwarz and built in 1990, the home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two guest apartments, heated balconies, a pool and a grotto. It also played home to Lou Ferrigno in the movie “I Love You, Man,” and was the backdrop of a 2013 holiday car commercial for Infiniti.

Ellison's new mansion sits in the Mt. Olympus neighbourhood of the Hollywood Hills.

A private street leads to the house.

Inside the gates, there's parking for 25.

Here's a view of Ellison's modern mansion from the backyard.

It has a pool out back.

Plus a great panorama of the surrounding city of Los Angeles.

It even has a volleyball court.

The house looks great at night.

The pool and grotto area light up.

The heated balconies make the outdoor living space comfortable year-round.

The terrace is heated, too.

Here's a view of the cylindrical living room that plays up the house's views.

The bedroom also boasts great panoramic views.

Los Angeles sprawls out below Ellison's new Mt. Olympus mansion.

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