Meg Whitman Hints That Layoffs Are Coming For HP

Meg Whitman cubicle officeWhitman works in a cubicle just like the rank and file

Photo: AP and Flickr/ste3ve

Speaking at an HP conference in China, Meg Whitman wouldn’t deny that HP is considering layoffs, reports CRN.HP is in the process of a big restructuring, folding its PC and printer units together and its enterprise equipment and global sales units together. Whitman has been promising “operational efficiencies” with these moves, and that is often code for layoffs.

So the Chinese press asked her about it and she answered, “As we create the financial capacity to invest in R&D, in people and customer support, we have to look at how we spend money across HP,” she responded. “That’s a process that we’re going through, so everything is on the table.”

She went on to promise that HP wasn’t planning on big layoffs in China and she did hint that whatever layoffs are in store they would not be “broad based.” So doesn’t sound like she wants to gut entire business units like HP did with WebOS in February.

But we offer this word of advice to HP employees not based in China: You might want to polish your resume.

Are you an HP employee with news about layoffs? We want to hear your story. We are discreet. [email protected]

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