Meetup Rolls Out Facebook App


NoHo-based Meetup has quietly launched a Facebook application, joining the scores of startups pushing their content onto the social networking site. So far it’s attracted about 280 people — which means it’s being roundly ignored by Facebook users. That’s a shame, since it’s the rarest of Facebook apps — one that’s actually useful.

The app lets you unobtrusively advertise your meetups to your Facebook friends, browse other peoples’ meetups and check out attendees’ Facebook profiles. The downside for Meetup: If it takes off, they may have ported too many functions of their Web site to Facebook. For example, I just RSVPd to next month’s NY Tech Meetup without leaving Facebook — meaning I didn’t look at (or click on) any of the Google ads on Meetup’s site. Then again, CEO Scott Heiferman seems to have a fairly low opinion of advertising, so perhaps this doesn’t trouble him.

And one quirk Allen Stern points out: to browse my friends’ meetups, we have to link up as pals on both Facebook and Meetup. Update: Per Greg’s comment below, to browse friends’ meetups, it appears you only need to be friends on Facebook and both have the Meetup app installed. A good effort from the folks at Meetup.