MeetUp Nabs Google Vet Dominic Preuss

Anyone who attends the monthly NY Tech Meetup has seen the fliers: They explain why working at Meetup is a better than working at Google (better options, better social life, better bathrooms). And they’ve apparently convinced at least one new hire: Dominic Preuss, a 3.5-year Google vet who has been running the company’s local ad business out of its Chelsea’s office, is now VP of “marketplace” at Meetup.

In English, that means Dominic is going to try to create a new revenue stream for Meetup by matching sponsors with Meetups, and taking a small cut for itself. Smart idea: Right now Meetup sponsorships (Wilson Sonsoni and DFJ Gotham sponsor NY Tech, for example) are done ad hoc, and Meetup doesn’t see a penny of this revenue.

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